A JOBSWORTH parking attendant refused to tear up a ticket he left on a car parked in a ‘Parent and Child’ bay even when a mum showed him her four-month-old baby.

Sarah Symonds, of Stoke Prior, said the officious traffic warden at Hereford's Old Market shopping development told her she would have to appeal.

It took two months for UK Parking Control to write off the £60 ticket, and when they did, a letter to Mrs Symonds said it was simply “as a gesture of goodwill” and that the charge was correctly issued.

“That made me so mad,” said Mrs Symonds. “It took two months to get a reply and then they tried to make it sound like they’re doing you a favour.

“My dad rang right up and complained. I avoid the place now and shop in Worcester.”

Mrs Symonds had gone for a shopping trip at the new development with her daughter Scarlett, now five-months-old, and her mum Mary.

After parking in the priority bay, they got out and began shopping, removing Scarlett’s ‘two-in-one’ car seat and clipping it to a buggy.

When her mum returned to the car shortly after she found the offending yellow ticket, and Mrs Symonds confronted the patrolling parking inspector.

She said: “I just don’t think it’s on – I understand that he was trying to make sure the bay was being used properly, but he could easily have waited to talk to me.

“He told us there was nothing he could do and walked away. Even when you know you’re right, it takes so much time and effort to get parking tickets refunded.”

Since the incident the Old Market has changed its policy.

Parking attendants are now under instructions to, in the first instance, only issue warning notices to cars they believe to be illegally parked in ‘Parent and Child’ spots.

Centre manager Scott Lahive called the Symonds family’s situation a “genuine mistake” and said that there are procedures in place to make sure similar mistakes are rectified before any payment is made.

He added: “We understand that shopping can be more challenging for parents with children in tow, so we endeavour to ensure convenient parking is available for them.

"At Old Market we are always striving to provide the best experience for our shoppers – to maintain this we have to ensure the car park is properly used by monitoring its use.”