I HAVE resigned myself to the fact that Hereford United would be going out of business for a long time, but the news has still come as a bitter pill to swallow.

Shareholders were this morning told that the Bulls will go into compulsory liquidation on September 1 after creditors rejected its CVA proposal yesterday.

It is doubtful whether tomorrows' game against Dorchester and Tuesday's home match against Banbury will go ahead considering that the club is now effectively insolvent.

I feel desperately sad for the supporters - myself being one of them.

We have put up with a lot during the past few years, so much so that long-standing fans felt that they could no longer go and see their club play this past week.

Protests were held outside the ground on Saturday and Tuesday prior to Hereford's games against St Neots and Slough.

I understand why supporters still went to the games and wanted to watch a game of football, but I also fully understand why those chose to protest.

In my opinion, what has happened at the club during the past few months has been shambolic.

From the owners wanting to remain anonymous to staff and former players going weeks without being paid and then the CVA proposal proving to be unsustainable.

And that's not even taking into account cancelled friendlies and the lack of communication coming from the club.

The club's problems, in my opinion, stem from when David Keyte was in charge and he was the one who sold it to Tommy Agombar.

May be Mr Agombar did not know what he was getting himself involved in, but why make endless promises if you can't back them up?

I also believe that the Southern League should also have been held to account for accepting the club in the first place.

I just hope that a new phoenix club can be set up and everyone becomes united again.

Meanwhile, I was saddened to hear that a number of bus services will be cut from the end of this month.

One is a service that caters for the elderly and ferries them across Hereford.

I visited Great Western Court on Monday and heard firsthand how much they rely on the service and the problems they would face if they lost it.

Sometimes, the elderly can be taken for granted and you forget how vital buses are to them.

We all know that Herefordshire Council has to make budget cuts - but at the cost of the elderly?

Let’s hope that something can be done to ensure that they still receive the service they deserve and maintain their independence.