A YOUNG boy struggled to sleep after he and his family were confronted by two drunk men on a country road.

Aidan Huttel was a back seat passenger in his parents’ car that was travelling through Bodenham one evening earlier this month.

Trouble began when the family tried to pass two men walking in the middle of the road carrying bottles of wine. Dad Darren claims he was later punched by one of the men.

West Mercia Police confirmed that two men were issued with £90 fines and public order notices – but Mr Huttel believes a more severe penalty should have been given out.

The 36-year-old dad says he saw two men in the middle of the road so he slowed down to avoid hitting them.

“The other assailant then threw a punch at me through the driver’s window,”

he added.

“He tried to grab my shirt and pull me outside the car.

“The children started screaming and Aidan was visibly shaking and was petrified.”

Aidan, who is nine, was seated alongside brothers Kyle, 12, Craig, 11, and mum Lisa, when trouble flared at 7.30pm on August 3. “Aidan didn’t sleep at all on Sunday night and had nightmares,” Mr Huttel added.

Mr Huttel called the police after seeing the men jump over a fence into a corn field but claimed it took 20 minutes for officers to arrive.

Sarah-Jane Lynch, spokesman at West Mercia Police, said it was hard for officers to establish where the incident was because Mr Huttel was chasing after them.

She confirmed that two men were issued with public order notices and fines, but did not have any record of an assault taking place.