HEREFORD United is a divided club today - with some of its fans still supporting them, but others saying that they will boycott it.

The Bulls held a fans' forum last night 24 hours before it hosts its first game in the Southern Premier League season.

The majority of the supporters still present at the end of the forum stated that they will go to the game today, but at that stage, many fans had walked out in protest.

"I support the club regardless and everyone who wears the Hereford United shirt," said Ian Hancock.

"We support Hereford United, not the regime, they are just the custodians.

"If Hereford United Supporters Trust had its way, the club would be liquidated and no one would be paid.

"It is devastating what has happened, but Hereford United will rise again."

However, Sam Jones said that he would be boycotting the club.

"I thought in small parts, the panel did ok, but there were a lot of questions that they didn't answer, like the CVA," said Mr Jones.

"They seemed to contadict a lot of things."

Issues over the CVA and failure to pay all football creditors was clearly on the minds of many fans last night.

Former Hereford United employee Leigh Renton is still owed maternity pay and asked United chairman Andy Lonsdale when will she receive it.

However, Mr Lonsdale could only say that it was being handled by the club's accountant Philip Gambrill.

Mr Lonsdale's response clearly caused anger among many people, with a lot venting their fury on our social media pages.

Hereford United legend Chris Price even called it "a disgrace", adding "who do they think they are?"

Mr Lonsdale headed the forum and was assisted by manager Jon Taylor, assistant manager Neil Phelps and directors John Edwards and Elke Thuerlings.

Club advisor Joel Nathan also joined the panel during the forum and said he was pleased how it went.

"Everyone understands that the people coming in are only custodians of the club," said Mr Nathan.

"If the minority want to liquidate the club, the club will be dead.

"The forum showed that there is a level of support.

"It is all about the football and moving forward."

Mr Nathan added that he expects around 500-600 fans to go the to game against St Neots Town today, but fully expects that others will protest outside the ground.

"As long as it is peaceful and it does not obstruct what we are doing, then everyone has a right to air their view," he said.

"It shows that they care avout the club."

Majority shareholder Tommy Agombar was not present, but Mr Lonsdale did say that he is due to be at the game today.

Five of Hereford's new players - captain Luis Morrison-Derbyshire, Deqwon Ebanks, Bilal Yafai, Jordan Jivanda and new signing Sam Akinde - also joined the front table and the club's home kit was unveiled.

However, the new strip does not contain a sponsor after Cargill pulled out and it will not have the players' names on the back for today's game.

United's new safety officer Julia Sawyer - of J.S. Sawyer Consultancy - was also present, with the forum being chaired by events and bar manager Gail Gibbons.

There will be a 16-page match programme today costing £2, while admission will be £10.

However, Ms Gibbons admitted that the club has experienced problems printing tickets for the game, while Mr Edwards said that no season tickets had been sold, despite the club previously advertising them.

The programme does not feature any comments from Mr Lonsdale or Mr Agombar.

However directors Mr Edwards and Ms Elkings do admit that there has been poor communication at the club and ask fans to "bear with us".

The directors also joke about Mr Agombar's "I'm a football man...all day long" quip in their notes and say they have been researching the history of the club.

The programme also includes notes from the manager, who says that he is extremely happy with how pre-season has gone.

Today will be the first opportunity for Bulls fans to see the players at Edgar Street due to the club only being granted a safety certificate on Thursday.

Mr Taylor was clearly only at the forum to discuss football matters, but did admit that he had been in the estate agency business.

The Hereford Times understands that he is also a former director of two property companies in Bedfordshire.

The Hereford Times told him that many fans are worried about the future of the Edgar Street ground with the threat of redevelopment hanging over it.

However, Mr Taylor said that he did not understand the relevance of it and questiioned whether he was being called a builder.

The former Banbury United assistant-manager will have a tough ask today against bookies' favourites St Neots Town.

Mr Lonsdale thinks the team can get promoted, despite being deducted 10 points once it goes into a CVA.

The assistant manager, Neil Phelps, also admitted that his only football experience is at grass-roots level.

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