GREEN Party candidate Jenny Bartlett is “over the moon” after claiming a seat from the Conservatives at last week’s Leominster South by-election.

Councillor Bartlett – already a Leominster town councillor – saw off challenges from Conservative, Independent, UKIP and Labour candidates to win the Leominster South seat on the local authority last Thursday (July 17).

She received 384 votes – a comfortable majority over the Tories’ 222.

The by-election was triggered by the death of Tory councillor Roger Hunt – who had fought a long-running battle against cancer – in May this year.

Councillor Bartlett said: “When Greens get elected, people like what they see and want more. Following Felicity Norman’s election to Herefordshire Council in May 2011 and our gain of Leominster Town Council seats the same month, we won two town council by-elections in two months in 2012.

"This by-election victory continues the trend.

“We work hard all year round – not just going to meetings, but putting time into community initiatives, taking up issues and keeping residents informed via our local newsletter. People seem to like our style.”

A former cartographer, Councillor Bartlett has been working part-time in a Leominster shop while completing a masters degree in sustainable development advocacy with the Bulmer Foundation.

At Leominster Town Council she is masterminding the council’s response to the Localism Bill and has drawn up plans for the town to take control of key services and facilities.

Her ‘devolved services working group’ recently re-opened the Leominster public toilets which were closed by Herefordshire Council.

Councillor Bartlett and colleague Felicity Norman have now formally established a Green group on Herefordshire Council.

She said: “I know that Felicity has enjoyed working with the local ‘It’s Our County Party’. She and I are keen that co-operation will continue. We need to try and do politics differently here in Herefordshire. The key words are openness, trust, common-sense, co-operation and conviviality.”

• The Greens won a landslide victory in Leominster in the town council by-election on the same day. Jane Lacey received 726 votes to win a south ward seat on Leominster Town Council.