I HAVE been a Hereford United supporter for as long as I can remember.

My nan first took to me to a game in 1991 and throughout the years, I have seen some fantastic games and of course many poor ones.

The drama generated at the Walkers Stadium, Griffin Park and of course the Recreation Ground at Aldershot in April will live for me forever.

You accept all the rubbish games just to saviour moments like that.

But, now it could soon come to an end.

Hereford may have been accepted into the Southern League Premier Division next season after being expelled from the Football Conference, but there are no guarantees that they will be able to start next season.

I have been truly saddened by what has happened to my beloved club, with mountains of debts still piling in.

There has been a lot of anger directed towards David Keyte and Tommy Agombar for their handling of the situation, which I can understand.

Not being paid when you were promised that you would be can never be a good thing and I feel for those people.

There must also be close scrutiny as to what Mr Agombar's intentions are.

A number of people long associated with Hereford United have left, and to me, it does not feel like the club that I grew up supporting and fell in love with.

Who knows, Mr Agombar may be the saviour and he could be the person who saves the club and propels them back to where they deserve.

But, he has already said that the club is in £1.3 million in debt and I cannot see how they can find a way out the mess.

Therefore, as much as it pains me, I think that the only way the club can move forward is for a phoenix club to be created.

I met Jon Hale and Chris Williams this week, who are part of a consortium who say that they can do just that should the present club be liquidated.

I was impressed with how they spoke and how any phoenix club would be supporter and community led.

No one wants to see a business go under, especially a football club, and, if it does, no creditors will get the money that they are owed.

But, it looks like things have gone too far and the feasible thing would be to start again to get the club out of this mess.

There has to be football in Hereford, with Edgar Street being the home.

If that means that a new club run by Bulls' supporters end up playing there, then so be it.