A LITTLE piece of Herefordshire is on display at Chelsea Flower Show.

Karen and Gordon Green, of Green's Weathervanes, created a heron weathervane to top the show's Khora Domed glass roof.

It has been created by British designer Louis Calmel who is debuting at the festival.

Karen Green, who runs Greens Weathervanes with her husband in Tyberton, said: "When I spoke to Louis his whole thing was that he was really into astronomy so we were trying to come up with a theme that was interesting to take advantage of the fact that it's a glass roof.

"My immediate reaction was that we needed something that was winged and that could be really enjoyed from inside because if it was just a flat sculpture you wouldn't really see it at all.

"So I thought that a beautiful winged bird was perfect and then it was about picking a beautiful majestic bird."

The Greens had only five weeks to create their design and, with a six-month waiting list, it was no mean feat.

But Karen said it was "heartening" to have been found in Herefordshire, with the weathervane joining creations made by other respected artists from around the world.

The Chelsea Flower Show runs until Saturday.