JUST over a year ago Jan Lockett had two weeks left to live. Now she’s raising support for what saved her life.

Jan was the Herefordshire face of National Transplant Week promoting organ donation.

With a failing heart, kidneys and lungs, Jan was desperate for a transplant before it was too late.

She had signed up as a donor in 1977 and simply never thought she would ever be on the receiving end.

“You never know if you will need a transplant one day and if there will be an organ for you,” she said.

As part of the awareness week, Jan was there to greet Hereford County Hospital’s Richard Harding when a 330- mile bike ride, promoting organ donation, stopped off in Hereford.

Richard, consultant anaesthetist and clinical lead for organ donation at the County Hospital, saddled up to join the final leg of the ride to the transplant unit at Cardiff’s University Hospital.

“Evidence suggests that most of the population support the concept of organ donation and would happily receive an organ if they needed one,” said Richard.

“However, people often don’t get around to discussing their wishes with loved ones or joining the Organ Donor Register.

“If you do sign up, it’s vital that you let your family know so that in the event of your death, they can honour your wishes.”

Sign up to the NHS Organ Donor Register on 0300 123 2323 or visit transplant week.co.uk.