HEREFORD’S Nuffield Hospital is set to launch a unique service to those requiring common surgical procedures.

For the first time, patients choosing to have their care outside of the NHS will have no time limits placed on their aftercare following procedures such as hip replacements or hernia repair.

The Hereford hospital, part of the Nuffield Health Charity, says the move is significant as currently providers of private healthcare offer only short-term guarantees of up to 28 days to patients following surgical procedures.

Following the widely publicised problems caused by PIP breast implants, and the recent Government review into bad practices in cosmetic surgery, Nuffield Health hopes the move will reassure patients.

The new initiative also provides assurance and guarantees about treatment and treatment prices, often hidden by clinics offering cut price healthcare but which provide neither follow-ups nor assistance should anything go wrong.

Suzanne Davies, hospital director at Nuffield Health Hereford, said: “Our relationship with our patients does not end when they walk out of our hospital.

Wherever possible, we will provide followup advice, treatment and care for as long as our patients may need it.”