I KNOW that Herefordshire Council has to make savings due to massive cuts in funding from the government, but this should not be to the detriment of the county's library and museum services.

Ever since news broke that funding for libraries could be cut by up to 75 per cent and museums by 100 per cent, people have been up in arms.

So much so, that an online petition has already attracted more than 4,500 signatures and that's before paper versions have been distributed.

I do not use the library much, but I know that they are a vital service for many people across the county, who not only use it to borrow books, but also to borrow CDs and DVDs and use the internet.

It is also vitally important that people know about the rich history and heritage that Herefordshire possesses - one that it is celebrated across the world.

Tourists from all over the globe visit the county every year, many visiting Hereford's museum.

I have friends who work at the city’s library and museum and I know the hard work and dedication they put into the service to ensure that it is run efficiently and that customers get the most out of it.

And if any of libraries situated in the market towns and villages go, what is the alternative for service-users, especially the elderly and less able who are traditionally avid library visitors?

Cabinet was due to debate the issue today, but the meeting has been deferred so full council can discuss it next Friday.

A large group of protestors, including Unison representatives, were due to attend to make their voice heard, so I will leave it up to you to question why it was postponed.

I just hope that whatever decisions are made, it is for the benefit of the county.