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Rachael Seymour

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Design Studio

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Graphic Design & Art Direction

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Our design studio aims to influence the way individuals think and feel. We believe in a brave, bold, and a minimal approach to design, which eliminates the bullshit and cuts to the core. For us, simple design is the result of intricate thinking which removes confusion and creates clarity. It is as much about what is left out, as what is included. Through attention to detail, strategic nouse, and decisive thinking, Rachael and her collective are able to craft a strong narrative, and create a conceptual grounding to produce thought-provoking and considered design that gets noticed, and above all, makes sense. We're specifically looking to work alongside brave organisations, ambitious start-ups, and fearless individuals who are open to the possible, and who are willing to challenge convention. We're a multidisciplinary studio who look forward to meeting you.Feel free to get in touch.

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