A NEW exhibition opens on Wednesday, February 18 at the Old Mayor's Parlour in Church Street, featuring the work of Raymond Gordon, Emily Price and Matt Hatter.

Cloud9 - Contemporary art incorporates painting, sculpture and sound, and through a tactile and multi-sensory approach, explores the relationship humans have fostered with nature: ancient, imagined or yet to occur, a relationship at the very core of our identity.

Raymond Gordon, a contemporary artist, will exhibit ten pieces, inspired by a recent trip to the Applecross Peninsula in northwest Scotland;

Matt Hatter, a green woodworker, will join Gordon to exhibit a series of wooden sculptural pieces and Emily Price completes the trio. Emily explores old traditions and rituals through ethnography and archival material to produce site-specific, open-ended artworks in sound, film, performance and sculpture.

The exhibition runs until Saturday, February 28 at the Old Mayor's Parlour. For further details, visit cloud9art.org