Following a sell-out run at the 2017 London International Mime Festival, Theatre Re (Blind Man’s Song) return to The Courtyard with The Nature of Forgetting.

The Nature of Forgetting is an explosive and joyous piece about what is left when memory and recollection are gone. Tom has just turned 55 and as he dresses for his birthday party, tangled threads of disappearing memories spark him into life, unravelling as a tale of friendship, love and guilt.

The ambitious production has been created in collaboration with UCL Neuroscience Professor Kate Jeffery and inspired by interviews and workshops with organisations such as the Alzheimer's Society. The Nature of Forgetting, featuring actors, mimes and musicians, offers a new perspective and shines a light on issues around memory.

Established in 2009, London-based Theatre Re is an international ensemble creating thought-provoking and poignant work. They explore fragile human conditions in a compelling and physical style as they embrace mime, theatre and live music.

The Nature of Forgetting will be at The Courtyard on Wednesday, June 6 at 7.30pm.To book call the box office on 01432 340555 or visit