Magna Performing Arts,and their youth section, Young Magna are based in Credenhill and for almost 40 years they have been performing original works, pantomimes and one act and two act plays. They have been nominated and indeed have won on several occasions the Noda award for best play or pantomime in Division one of the West Midlands. This year they also won a Special Award in division one, introduced this year for the first time. This was for their resident writer/director's original writing and work with the youth group. They are a unique group who produce new works by taking part in improvisations and workshops, then their ideas are handed over to the writer/director to be made reality. They have no qualms about producing and performing plays on very current topics ,such as rape and its impact, or mental health issues and how they can be generally perceived. Alongside this there is a lighter note in their pantomimes which combines Magna and Young Magna who annually sing and dance their way through all the best traditional panto stories but with some Magna magic added by the amazing choreography, music and comedy. They also take to the stage with some comic capers, like a trilogy of farces set in the Sparkel deluxe Spa and Health Club, which follows the staff through hen parties, bodies in the sauna, births, marriages and other bonkers goings-on They are currently working on a madcap look at the world of music festivals, in the aptly named 'Festival', which is being performed at the Powell Theatre, Church Street, Hereford on Thursday, May 24 to Saturday, May 26 at 7.30p.m each evening. Tickets can be booked by contacting 07826 256541 or for further details