Mikron Theatre's new show, In at the Deep End, which can be seen at Aymestrey Village Hall on Friday, August 25, dives into two hundred years of saving lives at sea with the RNLI!

In at the Deep End is a story of heroism and selflessness as Mikron and the team of four talented actor/musicians turn their talents to re-creating the history and modern-day challenges of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. As expected from Mikron, the fast-paced plot zips backwards and forwards through the years, throwing up little-known facts and questions to ponder, all setting sail in a sea of live music and memorable characters.

Skipwick RNLI is all at sea. Crew members are hard to come by and Coxswain Darren's management style isn't helping. So when 17-year-old Shannon volunteers, it's all hands on deck - particularly for Darren's teenage son, Billy.

Can the station survive in this ‘me first' age? Will eccentric fundraiser Hazel's ideas ever turn a profit? And can Darren and Billy chart the choppy emotional waters closer to home?

In at the Deep End has been written by Laurence Peacock, who is returning for his second Mikron show, having penned the delightful Canary Girls last year. "Returning to Mikron has been absolutely brilliant. It's been a real privilege to get to know the people and history of the RNLI. My admiration only grows!"

In at the Deep End will be at Aymestrey Village Hall on Friday, August 25 at 7pm. To book, call 01568 709031. Tickets also available on the door.