About Face, part of the ECHO charity based in Leominster, presents a new collection of five theatre-for-one plays, We Are All Stories, inspired by historical stories from around Herefordshire, beautifully presented by the actors and puppets in a magical space created for an audience of one.

The new production is a collaboration between About Face, Herefordshire's theatre company for people with learning disabilities, local touring theatre company The Fetch and Herefordshire’s Museum Services.

There will be two days of performances open to the public at Hereford's Black and White House on Monday, May 29 and Tuesday, May 30 from 11am to 3pm.

About Face actor, Tim Dowse, who performs one of the pieces commented, “It’s been fantastic to be in the new play but it was hard work. We had not done a theatre-for-one play before but I enjoyed taking an idea and turning it into a theatre piece through drama workshops. I really hope the audience finds it interesting."

Artistic director Jess McKenzie said of the new production, “In We Are All Stories, About Face will take you on a journey from pre-history tropical Herefordshire, taking in a wartime love story and encountering the Mermaid of Marden, a little-known legend from the county. It’s an amazing piece of theatre and I hope it will help change people’s perception of disabilities through the arts”.