SHATTERED, the third piece from the unique Feral Productions runs until Saturday at the Royal National College for the Blind, and like the company’s first work, The Gingerbread House, it transforms a generally overlooked setting into something other-worldly, never to be viewed in quite the same way again.

Writer Megan Barker and director Estelle van Warmelo had been elliptical and elusive about the specifics of Shattered, based on the myth of The Sandman who brought dreams to sleeping children, beyond saying that “the audience will act as the main character - they will be going on a journey”. And what a journey it is.

It’s testament to Megan Barker’s wonderful script that one’s suspension of disbelief is complete throughout the journey, both physical and emotional - impossible to resist the image of swimming downwards, led by the sound of bells to a church covered in barnacles or popping peas transformed into plopping rainfall.

And in Estelle van Warmelo’s imaginative direction, a location with a practical everyday identity becomes a labyrinthine dreamscape through which the audience is led, glimpsing surreal sights through windows passed by - a woman with antlers, two others seemingly condemned to a lifetime of manufacturing stars - all emphatically reinforce the sensation of being locked in a dream.

Shattered is an absorbing, thought-provoking and magical piece of work, very different from its predecessors, The Gingerbread House and Locked, in asking its audience for much more in the way of immersion and less in the way of observation. But it shares their exciting, out of the box thinking, creating an experience that is certainly theatrical, but, with all the senses engaged, is an experience you won’t find inside a conventional theatre.

Once again, every member of the ‘audience’ has a set of ‘silent disco’ headphones, making the experience both shared and entirely individual simultaneously, but for Shattered, limited visibility glasses are offered, too. Many opted not to wear them, but slipping them on was a revelation as restricted vision enhanced the sense of dreaming and intensified focus on the fabulous script. Another not-to-be missed Feral experience.

Shattered runs until Saturday at the Royal National College for the Blind. To book, call The Courtyard box office on 01432 340555. A number of tickets are also available, cash only, at RNC prior to performances.