A MEMBER of a 1970s mod revival band will be performing in Hereford.

Chris Pope, the legendary guitarist/lyricist/vocalist of The Chords, will be bringing his version of the Chords UK to the Lads Club Sports and Social Bar on Friday, September 29.

Performing all the hit singles from the back catalogue, such as Maybe Tomorrow, British Way of Life, Now Its Gone, Somethings Missing, Pope will also showcase a selection of his recent recordings with the Chords UK.

Providing support on the night will be The Lost Boys from Southampton, who are long time favourites of Paul Weller.

The band have undertaken a personnel change over the last 12 months but are now back to where they were with their first full album not far from being released.

Both bands will have merchandise available and can be signed upon request, while Black Country band Smokin Eskimo will also be performing.

Tickets are £10 in advance or £12 on the night and can be purchased by visiting musicglue.com/nitelite/events or be emailing modnite@hotmail.com