Leading Poultry Company Cargill appoints new Engineering Apprentices each year working in partnership with Hereford Group Training. Kathleen Morrison, Employee Experience Specialist at Cargill said “We have a long history of training Apprentices at Cargill and in the last 4 years we have recruited 17 Apprentices. Once qualified these young people are ready to move into engineering roles in the Food Industry with all finding a permanent role at Cargill in Herefordshire.”

The Apprentices join the 4 year scheme to learn electrical maintenance and mechanical engineering. During their training they are also encouraged to take on a community project spending one day in every month.

This year’s Apprentices attended Canon Pyon CE Academy to carry out school maintenance projects including painting four sheds, a storage building, outside handrails, 8 meter bench, gardening and repairing a light fitting. The staff at the school gave the Cargill Apprentices a very warm welcome and during the day the Apprentices raised ideas for the school on saving water, and suggested improving a play area.

“They all worked extremely hard” said Alison Taylor, Head of School at Canon Pyon CE Academy, “Especially during the very hot weather we experienced. They completed a number of tasks for the school which included a Remembrance Poppy Garden, outside class 2. The work they carried out has, without exception, been to a very high standard and the school looks much better for it. The apprentices were all totally professional during their time with us and fully engaged with the children and their questions during their break times.” she concluded.

“Cargill is very proud of its apprentice community work and this year is no exception.” said Nigel Matthews, Cargill Engineering Trainer. “In the past they have worked on our NHS Paramedic Station, and the restoration of the cider Mills on Widemarsh Common. Again this year our Apprentices finished the day knowing that they had done something rewarding and the school has benefited from their actions.”