ONE of the Hereford BID's objectives is to make sure Hereford looks and feels attractive.

They do this by employing two handymen, who work their way around all BID areas to help put the sparkle into the city.

The BID want to make sure Hereford has a smarter city centre by tidying up, removing clutter, and adding style to the city’s key gateways.

To do this, they use the 'Glutton', a state-of-the-art street vacuum that gets into the hard-to-reach places which the council's cleaners miss.

It was bought by the BID in partnership with the city council.

Operations and marketing manager, Mike Truelove, said: "Our goal is to clean away the unsightly grime and dust that the council’s street cleaners cannot reach – normally found at the edges of streets between the pavement and buildings or underneath street furniture – our Glutton will normally get it."

By keeping the city clean the BID hopes shoppers, visitors and residents to have such great days out in Hereford, that they stay longer, spend more and tell their friends and family how good it is.