Octavia Jean James-Bristow

Octavia Jean James-Bristow

JAMES-BRISTOW Octavia Jean Born in Wales one year ago at 26 weeks weighing under 685 grams, you have fought very hard against all the odds, and we are all so very proud. Your Birthday marks a milestone and we are so glad to be celebrating it with you! Happy Birthday! X X



  • KNIGHTROOKsays...

    Bravery, Heroism, endurance and Love all these things make you!!! You have achieved so much in such a short period of time and made everyone so proud. You inspire and represent the best things in life! All Our Love Always x x x
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  • mankiesays...

    Octavia...Mommy has been with you from the very beginning of your fight...together we have fought and overcome many hurdles..some big and some have never stopped amazing me with your courage and pride for you knows no bounds...I Love You, I'm very Proud of you and I an Very Proud to be your Mommy xxxxxxxxx
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