A COUNTY man has been crowned the 2016 British SXS Short Course Champion.

Colin Hadley, from Burley Gate, came out on top in an eight-round championship racing his 900cc machine.

“The sport is basically motocross on four wheels, with plenty of twists and turns and some seriously big jumps," explained Hadley.

"It’s amazing what we put these machines through, but they do take the punishment.

“It’s about nursing the car but at the same time pushing as hard as you can - it is a fine balance between the two.

"Plus the addition of a Joker Lap this season, which has to be completed once per race - you have to try to pace yourself perfectly to the flag.

"There is also a fifteen minute, Formula One style qualifying session at the beginning of each round to determine your grid position for the first of three races.

"Qualifying is key as you have to master the track as quickly as possible.”

Starting as a championship favourite for the 2016 title, Colin took six pole positions in qualifying, four race wins and a podium finish in all the remaining rounds which was enough to wrap up the title in the penultimate round.

“It was great to prove my ability by taking the title in what was close, aggressive racing all season long,” added Hadley.

The car was prepared by his brother Dave, who is co-owner of Spadwick Motors in Ledbury.

“Because of the nature of the sport, you need to fully prep the car between rounds to maintain the reliability, because that wins races and championships,” said Dave.

Colin is no stranger to motorsport as he was a former multiple British Autograss Champion during the nineties but hasn’t raced seriously since then.

“My wife and kids are my biggest supporters as they are always there at the track side to shout me on," he said.