LEDBURY Motorcycle Club held a successful grass track event in Pencombe last Saturday.

Riders competing in a a number of individual competed throughout the evenin the day at Sparrington Farm, with sidecar racing also featuring.

Jed Collins won the opening 250cc solo race ahead of Henry Atkins, while Stevie Alderson came first in the 350cc.

The top 500cc solo rider was James Shanes and Mark Taylor pipped Rob Fortune to win the pre-75 unlimited race.

The upright class went to Tim Curnock, with Tom Cassor and Gareth Williams prevailing in the 1000cc sidecars.

A flying lap, called a bahnrekord, was also held in memory of grass track supporter Ray Derry.

That was won by James Shanes.

Committee members want to thank everyone who gave up their time, as well as the riders who competed.

Results; 250cc solo: 1 Jed Collins, 2 Henry Atkins, 3 David Knowles, 4 Tim Greig, 5 Adam Hawker, 6 Ben Worrall; 350cc solo: 1 Stevie Alderson, 2 Ryan Ashcroft, 3 Luke Tuck, 4 Tommy Crewe, 5 Mark Anderson, 6 Steve Pearce; 500cc solo: 1 James Shanes, 2 Tim Nobes, 3 Max Brown, 4 Ben Millichap, 5 David Speight, 6 Jason Newitt; pre-75: 1 Mark Taylor, 2 Rob Fortune, 3 Adrian Vaughan, 4 Keith Snelling, 5 Gerald Short, 6 Dave Burry; uprights: 1 Tim Curnock, 2 Ian Dudley, 3 Adrian Vaughan, 4 Luke Tuck, 5 Stephen Russell, 6 Sebastian Steffen; 1000cc R/H sidecars: 1 Tom Cossar/Gareth Williams, 2 Simon Heal/Rowland Broomfield, 3 Joe Mogg/Jake Cutler, 4 Jake Carmichael/Stephen Russell, 5 Dave Bevis/Simon Bevis, 6 Dave Buckey/Marc Dibsall.