LATEST golf results.

Burghill Valley GC, Texas Scramble Mixed Open: 1 Pete Kyte, Sue Kyte, Pat Simpson (all from Burghill Valley) and Andrew Simpson (The Herefordshire): 51pts (on cb), 2 Danny White, Jane Swan, Conor McNeil and Pam Payton (Burghill Valley) 51, 3 Lou Haines, Mandy Haines, Damian Scholes and Paulette Scholes (Burghill Valley) 50m best visiting team: Colin Gladwin, Jenny Gladwin, Barry Norton and Martha Norton (Ross GC) 48pts, hole in one achiled by Danny Daniels of Burghill Valley.

Grove GC, Deer Ladies: 1 Mandy Naylor, Val Morgan and Joyce Ingram 64pts (on cb), 2 Pauline Foster, Jane Lewis and Margaret Barrington 64, 3 Carroll Ashton, Lynn Hanley and Jan Mussell 64; Badger Ladies: 1 Olwen Helme 30pts, 2 Greta Davies 33, 3 Doreen Brown 34.

Kington GC, Janet Pennell Granny's Trophy: 1 Sue Purslow 40pts, 2 Wendy Priday 38, 3 Jenny Kelly 37; Open 4bbb competition: 1 Chris and Lisa Hughes (Builth Wells) 41pts, 2 Barbara Passey and Audrey Philpott (Kington) 40, 3 Betty Ashworth and Toinette Davies (Kington) 39, nearest the pin on 5th: Leigh Thomas (Branford), longest drive (Silver Division): Jan Brown (Burghill Valley), longest drive (Bronze Division): Pauline Foster (The Grove), birdies: Claire Hadley (The Grove), Bridget Halpern (The Grove), Teresa Dodbert (Kington), Toinette Davies (Kington), Hermione Evans (Kington), Sue Purslow (Kington).