LATEST golf results across Herefordshire.

Burghill Valley GC, Mixed Section, Three Clubs and a Putter: 1 Dean and Jacqui Powell 42pts, 2 Clive and Di Shepherd 27 (on cb), 3 Roger and Pat Cleves 37.

Kington GC, Ladies' opening competition: 1 Liz Lockwood 35pts, 2 Anne M. Hitchcox 35, 3 Iris Corfield 33.

Leominster GC, Bob Proctor Pairs BB Stableford Trophy: 1 Kirby Jones and Cheis Harris 44pts (on cb), 2 Richard Maloney Jr and Simon Morgan 44, 3 Ryan Painter and Jack Castle 44, twos scored by Jamie Mee, Taylor Merrick, Kevin Green and Jamie Griffiths; Seniors' Greensomes Weston Cider Cup: 1 Phil Lawrenson and Kerry Price 36pts, 2 Ian Robertson and Malcolm Davies 32 (on cb), 3 Ian Fraser and Malcolm Davies 32; V Par Pro Cup & Bossom Bowl: Prop Cup winner – Nigel Morris 3 up, 2 Jack Castle 2 up, 3 Colin Henshaw 1 up (on cb); Bossom Bowl winner: Geoff Moran 2 up, 2 Carl Maddo all square (on cb), 3 Gary Stinton all square, twos scored by Geoff Moran and Andy Beavan; Tom Bishop Cup: 1 Chris Chadd 41pts, 2 Kevin Green 39 (on cb), 3 Mark Mumpage 39, 4 Jeff Cook 37, 5 Craig Brimmell 35 (lowest gross), second lowest gross: Simon Morgan 76, seven twos scored.