HEREFORD captain Josh Gowling said his team-mates were angry by the first half performance which saw them go behind against Truro City.

The Bulls found themselves two goals down within the opening 17 minutes before responding through a Reece Styche penalty before the break.

“It was very hard work,” said Gowling.

“In the first half I don’t think we really came out, we caused our own problems and gifted them two goals.

“We then had it all to do really and the gaffer let us know that at half-time.

“We had a game plan and just didn’t really implement it well. We got the ball in some good areas and some good pockets but that final pass I just don’t think we really executed it very well.

“You do a couple of bad passes and then the lads get a bit jittery. We went into the changing room, re-set ourselves mentally and went out there and implemented it a lot better.

“When you are two goals down like that you think it’s going to be a long day but the boys are resilient and we always knew we were still in the game, we just needed that goal.

“Once we got it, they had a little spell once we got that first goal where they were a bit jittery. We spoke about that at half-time and obviously we have come in during the second half and put that on.

“They (Truro) started well but we didn’t get going and I think that was the big thing. But the team stuck together and we were angry. There was a few words said between ourselves at half-time but we always believed we would win the game.

“But, we’ve got to do better with those two goals, it’s not good enough.”

When asked about the cohesion lacking from the Bulls defence, Gowling added: “I think it’s just one of them. We’ve had a couple of them this season and we really do need to cut it out to be honest.

“We’ve just got to be better. We’ve got to be more confident on the ball I think that’s the main thing and just put the ball in the right areas.

“I got caught with two in the first half where really I should just take a touch and play it up to the big man or to a midfielder.

“Maybe it was just a bit too slow. I know I need to be better at those kind of things and maybe I need to pull in a better angle to give myself a bit more space.

“Just things like that we need to improve on, even myself.”

When asked about the direct route used in the second half, Gowling added: “You’ve got to get that right first and earn the right to play.

“I don’t think really in the first half we earned the right to play as it didn’t quite work so the gaffer spoke to us and said start doing the fundamentals better.

 “We went out and did that.”

Midfielder Peter Vincenti marked his Hereford debut with a goal and Gowling said that he provided a different outlet for the Bulls.

Gowling added: “I think Vincenti took it off Tom (Owen-Evans) but that’s what we’re about raising people’s profiles and their confidence.

“He wanted to take it so we said let him take it. It’s his first game and he’s come in and got a goal so that will give him a big boost.

“He was a big part of the second half. With him it gives us something different and for us he was our out ball today. When we couldn’t really get it going we could hit him on the out ball. He really did have an impact and stepping up with a new club and stadium shows what confidence he has got.”

When asked about the impact of new manager Russell Slade, Gowling added:  “He was great with me at Grimsby and brought me back into the fold when I was in the abyss a little bit.

“He has been good with me here as well and he’s just bringing the lads together a little bit and putting his imprint on the team.

“I was left out of the squad against Boston and the Guiseley game I was on the bench but that’s football at the end of the day.

“He’s got to come in and assess all of the players. I’ve just got to keep performing and hopefully get my name the first one on the team sheet.”