HEREFORD manager Russell Slade says he has already started looking at bringing players in at Edgar Street to improve their squad.

After his side’s 0-0 draw with Boston United, he said: “As a club we are re-grouping now, the managers in, the coach with a bit of luck will be in next week and we will go again.

“If we don’t have a practice match on Saturday we will be working and it might be the practice match the Saturday after to get us ready for the game.

When asked when he will start looking at bringing in players to the squad, Slade replied: “I’ve started.

“People I know have been putting one or two things into me as well. We will be looking at what we can do to help the group.

“From what I’ve seen in Martin’s injury keeps him out we will be looking at that centre half area. Maybe as well up the top as well so both ends of the pitch we will be looking and maybe even across the middle we will see what the board has got.

“We need to get that balance right and I’ll see what is on the market. It’s alright bringing bodies in but are they going to improve us?

“That’s the key, if we want to bring people in it needs to be better than what we’ve got.”