HEREFORD FC manager Pete Beadle bemoaned the goal his side conceded today as Slough Town came away from Edgar Street with all three points.

The away side broke away on the stroke of half-time after a Hereford free-kick hit the wall, resulting in Lee Togwell following up Chris Flood's effort.

And with Mike Symons also sent off, it was a bad day at the office for the Bulls.

"The fellow who scored the goal, I'll have to watch the video, but I can guarantee he was marking someone from that free kick," said Beadle.

"So if he can get from there to there and tap it in, why can't we?

"It's the same old adage, the amount of goals we conceded from our corners or our free kicks in the final third when we just switch off.

"And you keep reminding them every single week, what if he slips, what if he misses the free kick, what if they break away.

"We just keep getting punished.

"Again we have shot ourselves in the foot a little bit, we did it a lot last year and we've done it again today.

"But the positives are that we know that Slough are a strong side, one of the top teams in this division, we know they finished in the play-offs last year and I thought at times we were better than them.

"That's the positive that we can take out of it.

"But a disappointing end to the game and we've got to move on."

Beadle felt the sending off that Symons received was harsh.

"I haven't seen it properly yet but the referee said it was something to do with forward motion towards the lad's face," said Beadle.

"I know that him and the centre half were grappling to try and get free and I think the lad grabbed Mike first.

"Mike has tried to push him off and that's how the referee might has seen it.

"Mike's been a bit unlucky in being caught as in trying to push the lad off but I don't think Mike would try to throw a punch, Mike's not that type of person.

Matt Lench was later sent off for Slough after receiving two yellow cards in the space of six minutes.

Beadle felt the second challenge didn't warrant a yellow card.

"No excuses but I thought the officials weren't strong enough today but it's irreverent," he said.

"But we got punished, it wasn't the referee who put the ball in the net, it was their number six so we need to be better."

Jack Deaman missed the game after injury his ankle on Thursday, meaning that an unfit Ryan Green started.

"Ryan came in and played and probably shouldn't have played," said Beadle.

"Mark [Preece)] is carrying an Achilles injury as well so it wasn't ideal that all three centre-halves are injured all at the same times.

"We've been very lucky over the past two years but right now we had to throw Mike (McGrath) in at the start and he looked a bit rusty.

"The two centre halves had to play as we had nobody else.

"Purdie is getting closer but it's been a tough start and a tough end to pre-season with the injuries we've picked up because they haven't been little niggles, quite nasty little injuries that'll take a few weeks to get over."