CARLOS Moreira says he's glad to be at Westfields and knows this is a big season for him as he looks to develop his career.

The former Hereford FC player has linked up with Sean Edwards' team this season after starring for Pegasus last season.

"I had a look at Peggy to see how they were going to get on but they were struggling to get some players in, so I thought I would go and have a look at Lads Club," said Moreira.

"It didn't really work out so Anthony Robbins got hold of me and I had a word with Sean.

"I then had a game for Westfields and afterwards Sean asked me to sign.

"But with a squad like this, it's hard because we've got a lot of wingers and all of them are good.

"So you've got to work hard and get into the squad when you can.

"And when you do get your chance, you've got to take it."

Westfields lost 2-1 to Hereford FC in the HFA County Challenge Cup but competed well.

"Maybe if I didn't miss that chance and Ben Miller didn't hit the post, we could have won," added Moreira.

"It's nice to play against Hereford and I always enjoy it."