JAMIE Cuss will be looking to take part in training matches for Hereford next month as he battles back from injury.

The former Westfields player needed an operation to sort out his knee following injury last season.

He first sustained it just over a year ago at Romulus before it got worse while playing on loan at Pegasus Juniors in January.

"I'm doing everything in training until we do the game situations which are competitive," said Cuss.

"I as seeing the doctor on October 5 will see what he has to say.

"Hopefully he will say it's all ok and I will start proper training again.

"I want to play for Hereford again to repay every fan that put a penny in to pay for my operation.

"I want to play and score a goal."

Cuss added that he is not worried about the task of forcing his way into the Hereford team once he is fit.

"The be all and end all was getting the operation, which I have done and getting myself fit," he said.

"And if the gaffer thinks I'm good enough, then he will chuck me in.

"We will sign great players, but that will only make me a better player.

"If I'm good enough, then the manager will see it in training.

"But I will have to go on loan first to get games because it's not fair on Beads to put me when I haven't played any proper minutes for 12 months."