SOME excellent racing thrilled spectators at the Kington & Vale of Arrow harness racing meeting at Evenjobb.

The two nursery races were won by the Perks family from Presteigne’s stylish youngster Kentucky Roam with stable driver Becky Williams in the seat and the impressive Garth Vader belonging to the Williams-Pugh family from Brecon driven by trainer Andrew Hardwick.

The first race for the punters was the novice heats.

In the first, Immortal Breeze and Janet Thomas claimed an expected win for owner and trainer Helen Williams, with My Amazing Grace (Evans Red Roses) running a good race to finish second.

In the second novice heat, new Mid-Wales member Fantasizing, which belongs to Dinmore's Stella Havard, showed a wonderful burst of speed to claim the spoils ahead of the impressive Evenwood Thumps Up (Lewis Llanyre) while Lanehouse Patch (Thomas Merthyr) on his first outing this season was third.

In the first Grade B heat the well mannered Habberley Haste, owned by the Lloyd family from New Radnor and driven by trainer Andrew Hardwick, was first passed the post, while Becky Williams, partnering the variable Fold the Notes (Perks Presteigne), took the second B heat.

Best of the Fleet, with owner Matt Lewis on board, is enjoying a winning streak and added another to the season’s tally, while the second Grade A heat went to Ithon Inmate, who just pipped Lakeside Pan.

In the first Baby Novice, Talavary Zara with owner and trainer Oliver Jones on board, claimed first prize from a revitalised Immortal Ellie, who was returning after a year off.

Bad Romance, meanwhile, with owner Shane Eggerton at the controls, took the second Baby Novice race, with Meadowland Olympic taking the third Baby Novice prize.

In the saddle, specialist jockey Jayne Bevan guided her mount Brywins Jo Jo to a well deserved win from Nia Patrol, with Stella Havard's Tantalizing in third.

Five juniors lined up in the next race with the experienced Ellie Tromans on Habberly Playboy claiming a fine win, while in the novice final, the camera was again called to separate the victors, with the impressive Immortal Breeze given the verdict from Fantasizing.

Picking the winner in the Grade B final was no easy task as nine horses lined up, but Fold the Notes, owned and trained by the Perks family from Presteigne and driven by Becky Williams claimed the win ahead of Habberley Haste and Arctic Prince.

The Grade A final was the conclusion of the day’s racing where the talented Chinatown Kolt secured another victory with trainer Debbie Hitchcock in the seat.


Nursery – race 1: 1 Kentucky Roam (Becky Williams, owned and trained by Perks, Presteigne), 2 Ithon Nipper, 3 Hilltop Recon, Time: 2:28.84.

Nursery – race 2: 1 Garth Vader (Andrew Hardwick, owned by Williams-Pugh, Brecon ,trained by Hardwick, Brecon) 2 Brywins Awesome, 3 Immortal Storm. Time: 2:24.59

Novice – heat 1: 1 Immortal Breeze (Janet Thomas, owned and trained by Williams, Llanafan, 2 My Amazing Grace, 3 Hurricane Howard, Time: 2:21.75.

Novice – heat 2: 1 Fantasizing (Martin Roberts, owned and trained by Harvard, Dinmore), 2 Evenwood Thumps Up, 3 Lanehouse Patch, Time: 2:19.75

Grade B – heat 1: 1 Habberley Haste (Andrew Hardwick, owned by Lloyd, New Radnor, trained by Hardwick, Brecon, 2 Rhyds Backchat, 3 Ithon Hannah, Time: 2:18.12

Grade B – heat 2: 1 Fold the Notes (Becky Williams, owned and trained by Perks, Presteigne), 2 George Gentle, 3 Meadowland Maverick, Time: 2:18.25.

Grade A – heat 1: 1 Best of the Fleet (Matt Lewis, owned and trained by Lewis, Welshpool, 2 Scoobies Dream, 3 Chinatown Kolt, Time: 2:20.56.

Grade A – heat 2: 1 Ithon Inmate (Derek Pritchard, owned by Price, Brecon, trained by Pritchard, Rhosgoch), 2 Lakeside Pan, 3 Infinatey, Time: 2:16.78.

Baby Novice – race 1: 1 Talavary Zara (Oliver Jones, owned and trained by Jones, Evenjobb), 2 Immortal Ellie, 3 Cool Ice, Time: 2:22.09.

Baby Novice – race 2: 1 Bad Romance (Shane Eggerton, owned and trained by Eggerton, Norton Canon), 2 C U Maggie, 3 Ayr Fella, Time: 2:23.09.

Baby Novice – race 3: 1 Meadowland Olympic (Cellan Evans, owned and trained by Evans, Newcastle Emlyn), 2 Greenhill Lillian, 3 Universal Soldier, Time: 2:23.04,

Saddle: 1 Brywins Jo Jo (Jayne Bevan, owned by Jones, Ammanford, trained by Hitchcock, Haverfordwest), 2 Nia Patrol, 3 Tantalizing, Time: 2:20.87,

Junior: 1 Habberley Playboy (Ellie Tromans, owned by Johns and Gittins, Shrewsbury, trained by Tromans, Newcastle Emlyn), 2 Camden Lock (Jess Samuel), 3 Posezest, Time: 2:23.

Novice Final: 1 Immortal Breeze (Janet Thomas, owned and trained by Williams, Llanafan), 2 Fantasizing, 3 Evenwood Thumps Up, Time: 2:18.56.

Grade B Final: 1 Fold the Notes (Becky Williams, owned and trained by Perks, Presteigne), 2 Habberley Haste, 3 Arctic Prince, Time: 2:18.5:

Grade A Final: 1 Chinatown Kolt (Debbie Hitchcock, owned by Jones, Llanllwni, trained by Hitchcock, Haverfordwest), 2 Infinatey, 3 Lakeside Pan, Time: 2:15.75.