HEREFORD Sixth Form College student Isobel Parry-Jones claimed bronze in the 800m at the English Schools Athletics Association (ESAA) Track and Field Championships in Gateshead.

Parry-Jones ran two minutes 13.5 seconds, while Jonathan Jones, who goes to Hereford and Ludlow College, improved his personal best by three minutes to finish fifth in the senior boys hammer with a throw of 61.07m.

A total of 35 athletes from Herefordshire and Worcestershire took part in the event, with Hereford and Ludlow College's Cody Cooke was part of the senior boys relay team that finished fourth.

Meanwhile, Hereford and County Athletics Club faced strong competition from the Welsh clubs as athletes fought for places in either the Plate or Cup Finals of the Welsh Under-15 League that will be held next month.

Hereford finished seventh on the day and just qualified for the Plate Final that will be at Newport on Saturday, August 20.

Also through from the South East League are Blaenau Gwent and Cwm Bran. while from the West and North are Bridgend, Brecon, Llanelli, Barry & Vale and Menai.

Best performance of the day was from Under-13 boy Patrick Morgan, who won the javelin and 1k walk and Under-11 girl Maria Roberts came second in the javelin in only her third outing for the club.

The next competition for the squad is the Les Davies Trophy in Hereford.

Results: Under-11 Girls – E Tyler: 75m, 11.71(2a), 150m, 22.8(2a), long jump, 3.36(4a); L Ellis: 150m, 25.82(7b), 800m, 3:05.31(6a), long jump, 3.29(3b); E Harrison: 75m, 13.43(6b), 150m, 28.19, long jump, 2.67; C Lovejoy: 75m, 14.82, long jump, 2.23, javelin, 5.67(6b); B Corry: 800m, 3:27.04(6b), long jump, 2.49; 4x100m relay, 4th, 65.59 (Harrison, Ellis, Roberts, Tyler).

Under-11 Boys – Z Land: 75m, 11.92(6a), long jump, 3.53(5a), L Fox: 75m, 13.16(5b), 150m, 26.41(6b), long jump, 2.62; A Brookes: 150m, 25.11(9a), long jump, 2.75; O Wigmore: 75m, 13.22, shot, 4.93(7a), long jump, 2.81(6b), 4x100m relay, NS, 70.94 (Wigmore, Brookes, Lovejoy, Fox).

Under-13 Girls – G Ince, 100m, 14.27(5a), 70m hurdles, 12.69(4a), long jump, 3.40(3b), H Oaker, 100m, 15.09(4b), shot, 5.09(6a), 70m hurdles, 15.94(5b), E Williams: 200m, 34.49(7a), 800m, 3:03.77(7a), long jump, 2.86; N Roberts: 800m, 3:34.34(5b), shot, 4.53(5b), javelin, 9.25(5b); F Robbins: 1500m, 5:54.33(4a); C Colbert: Long jump, 3.50m(6a), discus, 14.75(4a), javelin, 14.75(5a); 4x100m relay, 3rd, 61.02 (Robbins, Oaker, Colbert, Ince).

Under-13 Boys – W Lovejoy: 800m, 2:28.38(3a), F Brookes, 800m, 2:54.81(4b), shot, 4.5496a), javelin, 15.22(5b), J Flannery: 1500, 5:54.33(4a), long jump, 3.64(5a), discus, 9.27(7a); P Morgan: 1k walk, 5:51.23(1a), high jump, 1.30(3a), javelin, 25.33(1a), 4x100m relay, 4th, Lovejoy, Brookes, Flannery, Morgan.

Under-15 Girls – T Jones: 100m, 13.93(4a), high jump, 1.30(7a).

Under-15 Boys – E Jones: 300m, 42.89(6a), 800m, 2:25.96(6a), shot, 7.32(4a); K Tanner: 800m, 2:35.46(4b), discus, 12.69(5a), long jump, 3.99(7a); H Patterson: 1500m, 5:21.09(6a), long jump, 3.89(3b), high jump: 1.10(4a); 4x100m, NS, 55.41 (Jones, Patterson Tanner, Jones).