HEREFORD & County Athletics Club have had a busy few weeks with three league matches in a row.

The first encounter was a Youth Development League match at Stourport which, despite the wet weather conditions, yielded some very good results from the Under-13 and Under-15 squads.

The Under-15 boys had five wins in the A and B strings and the team finished sixth overall. The A-string winners were: Lily Fennessy (javelin), Molly Smith (shot) and Joe Flannery (200m and 800m)

Results: U13 Girls – D Jones 75m, 11.5(2a), 150m, 23.2(4a), A Powell – 75m, 12.6(2b), C Colbert – 150m, 24.4(5b), javelin, 16.32(1b), N Roberts – 800m, 3:26.3(7a), C Flight – 800m, 3:05.9(4b), long jump, 3.30(2b), F Robbins – 1200m, 4:42.2(3a), G Ince – 70m hurdles, 15.2(3a), long jump, 3.39(5a), H Oaker – 70m hurdles, 15.4(3b), L Fennessy – javelin, 21.22(1a), shot, 6.64(1b), M Smith – shot, 7.09(1a), 4x100m relay: Robbins, Oaker, Powell, Jones, second, 60.8; U15 Girls: O Smith – javelin, 15.71(3a), shot, 6.11(4a), long jump, 3.23(6a); U13 Boys: W Lovejoy – 100m, 15.00(3a), 200m, 29.0(1a), 800m, 2:27.2(1a), J Flannery – 200m, 32.6(1b), 800m, 2:51.9(1b), long jump, 3.73(1a), F Brookes – javelin, 20.62 (2a), long jump, 2.94(2b), 800m, 2:58.7; U15 Boys: K Tanner – 800m, 2:38.4(6a), long jump, 3.78(7a), discus, 14.31 (5a).

A Welsh Under-15 League match was then held at Newport. Under-13 girls Gemma Ince and Harriet competed in the same heat of the 70m and eventually finished fourth in their respective string classes, while Under-13 boys Will Lovejoy and Pat Morgan performed well in the 200m and 800m races and the high jump and javelin.

Results: U11 Girls – E Tyler 75m, 11.42(2a), 150m, 23.11(2a), long jump, 3.33(3a), E Harrison – 75m, 13.45(7b), 150m, 27.64, long jump, 2.50, L Ellis – 150m, 24.68(5b), 800m, 3:06.45(6a), long jump, 3.19(2b), M Roberts – 75m, 14.45, shot, 4.05(5a), javelin, 8.67(4a), M Teale – 150m, 25.27, long jump, 2.86, javelin, 8.01(4b), B Corry – 800m, 3:13.34(4b), shot, 3.18(5b); 4x100m relay – Harrison, Ellis, Roberts, Tyler, fifth, 68.12, B Calladine – 75m, 11.60(5a), long jump, 2.81(8a), L Fox – 75m, 12.70(6b), 800m, 3:22.62(7a), long jump, 2.76(7b), A Brookes – 150m, 25.24(8a), long jump, 2.64, javelin, 13.13(5a); U13 Girls: G Ince – 100m, 14.55(4b), 70m hurdles, 13.21, long jump, 3.58(3b), D Jones – 100m, 14.20(4a), 200m, 29.97(3a), long jump, 3.56(3b), H Oaker – 100m, shot, 5.04, A Powell – 100m, 15.0, 200m, 33.15(6b), long jump, 2.63, P Elton – 100m, 16.71, 200m, 34.92, javelin 10.05, E Williams – 200m, 34.64, 800m, 3.12.34 (6a), N Roberts – 800m, 3:32.97(6b), javelin, 9.34, shot 4.74, F Robbins –1500m, 5.44.10(7a), O Teale –1500m, 6.00.95(4b), long jump, 3.38, javelin 5.05, C Colbert – LJ 3.70(4a), discus, 15.42(1b), javelin, 17.08(3a), M Smith – shot, 7.03 (1a), discus, 17.43 (2a), A Green – shot, 5.88(3b), discus, 14.95, javelin, 16.38(2b), 4x100m relay – Oaker, Ince, Powell, Jones, third, 57.77; U13 Boys – W Lovejoy –100m, 13.62(3a), 200m, 27.24(1a), 800m, 2.24.08(1a), J Flannery – 200m, 30.99(4b), 1500m, 5.41.14(3a), long jump, 4.02(5a), F Brookes – 800m, 2.59.86(6b), shot, 4.99(4a), javelin, 19.39(1b), P Morgan – high jump, 1.35(1a), javelin, 26.60(1a), discus, 13.10(4a), 4x100m, fourth, 59.62; U15 Girls: – O Smith, long jump, 2.97(7a); U15 Boys: I Jenkins –100m, 14.62(8a), 800m, 2.46.35(5b), K Tanner – 800m, 2.34.12(6a), long jump, 3.65(7a), discus, 14.35(5a).

The third Welsh league match was again held at Newport.

The Under-13 boys were again in fine form, producing four wins courtesy of Will Lovejoy and Pat Morgan.

Morgan,started the day winning the 1k walk and later the javelin, while Lovejoy prevailed in the 200m and 800m.

Results: U13 Girls – E Tyler – 75m, 11.57(3a), 150m, 23.32(3a), long jump, 3.60(3a), M Roberts – 75m, 14.66(7b), javelin, 9.28(4a), shot, 4.26(4a), L Ellis – 26.63(7b) 800m, 3.18.04(7a), long jump, 3.27(3b), B Corry – 3.19.54(6b), long jump, 2.56, U11 Boys: L Fox – 75m, 12.68(7b), 150m, 25.85(7b), long jump 2.82, A Brookes –150m, 24.73(9a), long jump(6b), javelin, 12.86(5a), Z Land – 75m, 11.64(4a), 800m, 3.09.80(7a), long jump(5a); U13 Girls: D Jones –100m, 14.17(5a), 200m, 30.47(5a), long jump, 3.80(3a), H Oaker – 100m, 14.83, 70m hurdles, 14.01(3b), long jump, 3.18, G Ince – 100m, 14.35(3b), 70m hurdles, 13.00(3a), long jump, 3.55(3b), A Powell – 100m, 15.63, 1k walk, 6.58.23(3a), 200m, 33.65, P Elton –100m,16.80, 200m, 34.70, javelin, 7.58, C Flight – 200m, 31.84(4b), 800m, 3.09.70(7a), long jump, 3.10, E Williams – 800m, 3.22.64(5b), long jump, 2.61, shot, 4.55, N Roberts – 800m, 3.39.28, shot, 4.55(5b), javelin, 10.14, C Colbert – long jump, 3.43, javelin, 14.07(2b), discus, 15.98(2b), L Fennessey – shot, 6.23(3a), discus, 16.92(4a), javelin, 25.34(2a), 4x100m relay, A, Oaker, Ince, Flight, Jones, third, 58.43, B, Colbert, Fennessy, Elton, Powell, third, 63.30; U13 Boys: W Lovejoy –100m, 13.67(2a), 200m, 27.31(1a), 800m, 2.29.11(1a), J Flannery –100m, 15.61(6b), 800m, 2.51.2(3b), long jump, 3.80(5a), P Morgan – 1k walk, 5.58.91(1a), high jump, 1.35(2a), javelin, 15.24(1a); U15 Girls – H Reese, 100m, 14.62(7a), 200m, 29.16(6a), 800m, 2.50.76(5a); U Boys – I Jenkins – 100m, 14.62(7a), 800m, 2.44.25, long jump, 4.05(5a), E Jones – 300m, 43.73(7a), 1500m, 5.02.57(6a), shot, 7.71(4a), B Corry – 800m, 2.29.70, K Tanner – 800m, 2.37.29(3b), discus, 12.08(6a), long jump, 3.80, H Patterson – 1500m, 5.18.03 (5b), long jump, 3.89(5b), 4x100m relay, Jenkins, Patterson, Tanner, Jones, fifth, 57.07.