FLYING half way across the globe to compete in Hereford’s Blind World Cup is of little concern to one Brazilian footballer.

Severino Silva has to make a 3,000-mile round trip just to attend training with his colleagues on the blind national team.

The veteran attacker makes the monthly trip from his home in the northern state of Paraiba to Rio de Janeiro to keep in form and on top of tactics.

The six-hour return flight shows the dedication of a man who has one of the hardest shots in Brazilian football.

“Brazil is obviously a lot bigger than England so we are used to travelling a long way just to play football,” he said.

“But I’ll go anywhere: England, China, it does not matter. Representing your country is what is important.”

Silva said he was disappointed at Brazil’s sighted side’s performance in South Africa, but hoped his team could redress the balance.

Brazil beat one of their big rivals China 2-0 on Sunday with Silva scoring the all important second goal from the penalty spot.

“I have played football since I was a child and developed this way of shooting getting my kicking foot very high off the ground,” he added.

“This gives me more power and that is why people say I have one of the hardest shots in blind football.”

Silva will be hoping to add to his goal tally when he and his colleagues play France today at 3pm.