HEREFORD’S new boss Paul Caddis says that he is ‘cracking on’ with recruiting players ahead of next season after releasing 10 of last season’s squad.

The Bulls manager officially took over on Monday but had already told 10 players they were not needed next season ahead of Saturday’s 5-0 defeat at Blyth Spartans.

The Bulls boss is in talks with six of last season’s squad but warns he will not wait long.

“The ones that I’m continuing to talk to I see can have a future here,” Caddis said.

“We won’t wait for months. We’ve got recruitment to be cracking on with and I’m in constant dialogue with those players that I would like to sit down further with.

“At the moment I’m well and truly on board with getting players in.”

The Bulls boss had intended to chat with players this week but was told players were getting ‘a bit anxious’ and wanted to know their futures ahead of the Blyth match.

“I’ve came in and it’s not been nice but I’ve made tough decisions which I feel that I’ve had to make,” he added.

“That’s what I’m paid to do, I’m not scared to make tough decisions as much as people can label that I’ve not managed before.

“I don’t mind upsetting people if it means that I get the result that I want. I’ve got a clean slate and I’ll be able to bring in players that I know first and foremost that I think can get the club to the next level.”