HEREFORD’S new chairman Chris Ammonds believes that everybody has a part in moving the football club forward and is holding a fans forum on Monday.

Ammonds was appointed as chairman before Saturday’s game against Boston United and is inviting fans to give their views on how to raise extra funds for the team.

“If I can start to move the club forward again with the help of lots and lots of people and it is going to take everybody to come together to do that,” said Ammonds.

One of Ammonds first jobs as chairman is holding a fans’ forum ahead of Monday’s match against Brackley Town with the meeting starting at 12.15pm.

The forum will give supporters the opportunity to ask questions and listen to updates on the search for a new manager as well as discussing plans for next season. 

Finances will play a big part in setting a budget for the new manager to work with next season and Ammonds says that everybody can help.

“Everybody has got a part to play in bringing income into this club,” he added.

“Buy an extra pint or come to a game on a Saturday when you’re really struggling to motivate yourself to come.

“I know it’s not easy and people have habits. At the end of the day if we can improve the clubs income then we will have more money to give to the manager to improve the playing side of things.

“Everybody has got a part to play in that. If you’ve got ideas about how we can raise funds then come to us and have a chat to us.

“I really want everybody to feel that they’ve got something to offer and it really can make a big difference.”

Speaking about his decision to take the role as chairman Ammonds added: “You can stand on the side, offer your thoughts and opinions but at some point why not stand up, be counted and give it a go,

“The more I thought about it, that was it and I agreed to be part of the board and from that the directors choose who is going to be the new chair and it’s fallen to me.”