HEREFORD’S newly appointed chairman Chris Ammonds wants to put smiles back on the faces of the club’s fans.

Ammonds was previously commercial and officer manager when the club was first formed in the 2015/16 season and has now returned as a board director and chairman.

“We all come and watch football for a bit of a release and to try and enjoy ourselves,” said Ammonds.

“For me that’s what I want us all to get back doing. This is supposed to be fun, we do this because we want to do it. I know sometimes we come here out of a sense of duty and drag ourselves here, but we chose to be here.

“I want us to get back to a stage where we have smiles on people’s faces. We can’t expect to win every week, Manchester City don’t win every week.

“I think we can come here with a good positive outlook and have a real go on and off the field.”