REACT Trampoline Gymnasts came away with a medal haul when they travelled to Bath for the the first regional qualifier competition of 2023.

React sent their largest entry since moving to their purpose designed venue on Faraday Road in Hereford. 

Entries were at club and regional levels offering total inclusivity from ages six upwards.  

The event was an incredibly busy day with over 600 entries including trampolining and DMT (double mini trampolining).

React’s Trampoline Gymnasts came away with lots of medals, team medals and personal bests with the majority qualifying to the finals being held in May.  

Results were as follows:


Club Level 1 7-8 Female: Alice Stokell 1st qualified ; Mila Malakauskas 8th qualified; Phoebe Mulholland 12th qualified - team medal. 

Club Level 1 7-8 Male: Dillon McFarlane 2nd qualified  

Club Level 1 11-12 Female: Alanah Thomas 2nd.  

Club Level 2 9-10 Female: Flora Gray 2nd qualified

Club Level 2 11-12 Female: Holly Adamson 2nd 

Club Level 3 7-8 Female: Solly Parachomikaite 15th 

Club Level 3 9-10 Female: Luna Malakauskas 1st qualified; Anna Dotchon 5th qualified; Lily Kuppers 19th – team medal. 

Club Level 3 11-12 Female: Poppie Morgan 1st qualified. 

Club Level 3 13-14 Female: Maddie Gardner 2nd qualified; Zara Cook 5th qualified. 

Regional Level 1 9-10 Female: Eila Johnson 2nd qualified; Isabella Crane 8th qualified; Spencer Wilson 24th;  Martha Lloyd 25th 

Regional Level 1 9-10 Male: Harry Crane 3rd qualified. 

Regional Level 1 11-12 Female: Tillie Mulholland 7th qualified; Milena Matuizo 9th qualified;  Belle Ryder 13th qualified – team medal 

Regional Level 2 9-10 Female: Francesca Ngouoto 1st qualified 

Regional Level 2 13-14 Female: Isabelle Stokell 1st qualified; Lucy Redway-Thomas 3rd qualified; Molly Mckeown 7th qualified – team medal. 

Regional Level 2 15+ Female: Kisbee Ing 11th qualified; Zoe Cripwell 20th qualified; Connie Stead 21st -team medal. 

Regional Level 3 11-12 Male: Zach Pattison 1st qualified  

Regional Level 3 15+ Female: Ava Summerfield 24th

DMT (Double Mini Trampolining)

Club Level 1 9-10 Female: Hollie Williams 2nd

Club Level 2 9-10 Female: Isabella Crane 1st qualified 

Regional Level 1 9-12 Female: Francesca Ngouoto 9th qualified

Regional Level 3 15-16 Female: Isabella Kendrick 1st qualified

Anybody interested in trampolining, gymnastics, DMT or tumbling can visit:, call 01432 620062 or direct email to The club are on Facebook at reactclubhereford or Instagram @reacthfd or @reactgymnasticsclub