HEREFORD manager Josh Gowling said nobody was hurting more than himself when the Bulls went on a seven-game winless run.

Gowling’s side ended their winless run with a convincing 2-0 win over Scarborough Athletic on Saturday and the boss talked about a tough period in management.

“People need to realise about me that I like to think I’m a winner,” said Gowling after the victory.

“When I don’t win one game I’m under pressure, that’s how I feel and nobody will put more pressure on than me for myself.

“It’s my team, my system and my philosophy and when we’re not winning it hurts me more than anybody else.

“I’ve probably not spoken to my family in about two weeks to be honest as I’ve just been in my office working hard trying to get things right, working hard and the lads have been working hard themselves.

“Pressure is part of the job as a manager. Nobody is going to hurt more than me when we don’t win. It’s my life.

“Managing is the best thing in the world and the worst thing at the same time. It’s the most lonely place in the world when you’re not winning.”

Before the Scunthorpe match Gowling said he had been involved in a board meeting at the club and the boss urged for the need to ‘manage expectation’.

“They’ve been fantastic (the club’s board),” added Gowling.

“The club support me, want to make sure things are right and that we do things right together as a group.

“We sat down at a board meeting and chatted about where we are going and how they can help me to improve things and move forward.

“This is my fourth season here and with what we have as a football club we’ve worked hard. We’ve had Wembley (FA Trophy final), highest finish last year and biggest game in the club’s history this year (FA Cup against Portsmouth).

“For me it’s about managing expectation, we want progression but we’re not in a position to win the league tomorrow with where we are as a football club.”