HEREFORD Couriers will be running from sunrise until sunset in support of the Hereford's Athletics Track.

As the sun rises over Hereford on January 2, 2023, a team of Couriers (and friends) will begin an ultra-new year challenge to raise awareness of the campaign to refurbish Hereford's Athletics Track.

The community running event is for anybody who can run anywhere from 400 meters or 40 miles with the ultimate challenge of running the seven hours, 50 minutes and 11 seconds between sunrise at 8.19am and sunset at 4.10pm.

Starting at Halo Leisure Centre, their New Year's resolution will be to run as far as possible before leading a mass community run around Herefords' athletics track at sunset.

The eight-mile course designed for the challenge follows footpaths and quiet roads around Hereford, with shops and even a few pubs en route.

With a social and steady 10-minute mile pace and time for tea and snack breaks, each loop will take roughly one hour and 30 mins to complete.

After each lap, Halo Leisure Centre will treat the ultra-runners to free hot drinks and use of facilities.

Run it all, run one or two loops at the beginning, middle or end, or join members for the mass 'Don't Let the Sun Go Down Lap' on Hereford's much-loved track.

The approximate start times of each loop are: 8.19am loop one; 9:50 am loop two; 11:20 am loop three; 1.20pm loop four; 2.50pm loop five with the community ‘Don't Let the Sun Go Down’ lap 4.08pm.