MEMBERS of a Hereford taekwondo club have continued to progress with some accomplishing one of the most prestigious achievements on offer.

Hall family students have attended a black belt grading with the aim of obtaining their black belt ranks.

The black belt grading is a long and intense process in which a team of examiners assess aspects such as traditional line work, patterns, physical sparring, self-defence (including defence against knife attacks), destruction (board breaking), Korean theory and a written thesis. 

The examiners were extremely impressed with the effort, power and determination demonstrated by the Hereford students throughout the grading and the standard witnessed was extremely high.

Instructors Master Hall and Mrs Hall are very proud of all students not only on the day but in the years of preparation that goes on behind the scenes working towards their black belt examination. 

Promotions in this round include Dan Sneddon (4th degree black belt), Kieran Williams, Jon Walsh, and Sarah Walsh (3rd degree black belts), Harry Whittall (2nd degree black belt), and Gary Dicker (1st degree black belt).

Anybody who is interested in starting out on their black belt journey, and learn valuable skills, including self-defence can contact Hall Family TKD by email on

The club can also be found on Facebook by searching Hall Family Taekwondo & Self Defence.

The Hall Family are part of the International Taekwondo Council with the opportunity to compete in local, national, and international tournaments.

Classes are held every Tuesday at Hereford Academy and every Friday at the Point4 in Hereford.