HEREFORD jodo competitors came away with a collection of gold medals from the recent European Championships when they represented Great Britain at their home competition.

After a delay of two years due to Covid-19 the European Jodo Championships once again returned.

Representing team GB were Hereford jodo members Mark Snowdon 3rd Dan, Mark Thurman 3rd Dan, David Griffiths 2nd Dan, Lisa Kataisto-Evans 1st Dan and Alex Ward 1st Dan.

The first day was seminar day being run by the ZNKR delegation from Japan. The second day was the individual competition with Ward winning a bronze medal, Griffiths winning a gold medal and Snowdon with the "fighting spirit award.

The third day was the team competition with Snowdon and Griffiths forming part of the four-man team with Great Britain coming away with the gold medals beating Germany in the finals.

Jodo is a Japanese martial art using a short stick and the sport is strongly focused upon defense against the Japanese sword.

The art traces back to the age of the samurai when warriors were expected to learn multiple weapon-based martial arts in order to protect themselves in battle.

The art is practiced with the focus of developing the body and mind.

Despite the enforced break in competition due to Covid-19 the Hereford team returned with a bang and provided tough opponents for those travelling from across Europe to compete.