HEREFORD manager Josh Gowling felt his defenders got dragged into a foot race at Banbury United resulting in their 3-1 defeat.

The pacey Morgan Roberts scored two goals for newly promoted Banbury as they remain unbeaten in the National League North.

“We’re a new back four and it’s about understanding,” said Gowling.

“When I played centre-half if you’re in a foot race with a centre-forward when the ball has already been kicked then you’ve not dropped quick enough.

“It’s understanding our distances, when to drop and when not too drop and learning the game a bit more. We spoke about their threats which were behind but we were a bit static which ends up being in a foot race with somebody with pace which causes you problems.”

Gowling felt his side lost the game in midfield and failed to make the right decisions with their pressing resulting in the defeat.

“If you look at it in the first goal and the third goal we were in the ascendancy,” he added.

“We were on top and then conceded two goals which was frustrating. I think we started the game well, got a corner early doors and looked on the front foot and then we switch off and they go and score and go and score again after that.

“I just felt we lost the battle in the middle of the park for me today. I think it was the right decisions. When we pressed we press and then stop so they went around us quite easily in midfield.

“We had Harry (Pinchard) in there and wanted him to latch onto our midfield and I don’t think that really happened very well in the first half, I think we got over-ran in the middle of the park.

“For me decision making is the big thing, getting back behind the ball and being solid. They didn’t create too many problems. They played good football of course and are a good side, that’s why they’re undefeated but I don’t think they caused us too many problems.

“Conceding three goals the way we did you’ve got a mountain to climb.”

Hereford pulled a goal back before the break through Ryan McLean and at 2-1 the Bulls boss hoped his side would pull back into the game.

“We scored and they had a bit of a wobble before half-time and you think come out in the second half and get an early goal and crack on in the game,” Gowling added.

“Again, a long ball which isn’t dealt with and they go and score a third which kind of kills the game. They sat in which slows the game down.

“We brough Aaron (Amadi-Holloway) on and went a bit more direct. We had some really good opportunities in the second half, but it’s about gambling. We have had two really good opportunities to get goals in that second half but have scuffed the shot.”