A HEREFORDSHIRE fitness fanatic is penning a book based on how he completed 2,908 sit-ups in one hour.

Ged Musto has lived in Leominster for over 20 years, during which time he has been inspiring others to get fit and active, he is quite simply known as Mr Fitness.

His record attempt of 2,908 sit-ups in one hour set in 1999 is still a world's best to this very day. Set at Leominster Leisure Centre the attempt put Herefordshire well and truly on the worldwide fitness map, and it was this achievement alone that gained him the accolade of being named the world's fittest man.

"The book will hopefully inspire many as to the mindset and preparation that is involved to attempt such stamina feats, and will also include the physical and mental toughness that I have had to endure,” said Musto.

“During my lifechanging spinal surgery back in 2017 the surgeon explained that I would never walk again properly, let alone train and restart my personal training services.

“I am covering Herefordshire and Powys areas making a huge difference to my clients health and well-being, that is pure gold dust to me.

“Herefordshire will always remain my second home and the many friends and contacts I have made over the years has been nothing but priceless.".

Musto is still contacted by fitness experts as far afield as the United States, Canada, Japan, Russia, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand for tips and advice.


For information on Musto’s services and how to get hold of him, you can find his website here: www.gedmusto.or