WE are frequently being urged to support and encourage youngsters to engage in sport.

We complain about young people being glued to their electronic devices or just hanging around the streets.

Why are not Halo or Herefordshire Council being proactive in making sport accessible for all?

Earlier in the season we tried to use the tennis courts at the leisure pool in Hereford but no one could find the key to unlock them!

We have now been able to play a couple of times at £8 a go, but we are informed the courts close at 3pm!

In this heat no one can play until the evening. Surely, the courts should remain open until at least 9pm?

In many areas access to public courts is free or easily affordable. Surely, we pay for such facilities in our council tax?

Herefordshire Council should be doing more to help parents at these difficult times.

Watching and listening to recent coverage of the Commonwealth Games makes one aware of the facilities and encouragement available in many areas – why not Hereford?


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