HEREFORD striker Tyrone Barnett hopes the Bulls will 'start the season flying' next month.

The 36-year-old striker has a host of Football League experience playing for the likes of Peterborough United, Shrewsbury Town and Port Vale amongst others.

After being released by National League side Eastleigh in the summer he arrived at Edgar Street.

The Bulls won just one of their first five league games last season but Barnett hopes that improves this year.


"We are still working on how the manager wants us to play day by day, hopefully we can put his tactics together and everything comes out so we can start the season flying," said Barnett.

"The squad has good depth and some could play easily in the National League or higher so it hasn't been that much of a change really.

"I've settled in quite well I think. There is more to learn from the other players, playing with them each day we will get a bond and take that into the season.

"During my career I've lived away a lot, my kids have grown up now, it was time to move home and the move was perfect.

"I wasn't going to sign anywhere else."

Barnett will form part of a pacey Hereford forward line alongside Myles Storey and Ryan McLean.

The marksman hopes to provide an outlet for goals himself and throughout the team.

"They have exceptional pace (McLean and Storey)," added Barnett.

"I've seen them in training but today (against Arsenal) in the game they were on a different level.

"Sometimes in the game they were breaking and I was really struggling to keep up with them.

"If you get on the half-turn and they are making runs then nobody will be able to live with that.

"If they can get the ball in to me, kind of like a pivot, then I can get it out on the turn and hopefully slide the forward runners in.

"I like to come up with assists every now and then. If I can come up with more assists and goals this season then it will be excellent.

"Sometimes strikers go through a dry patch and you need goals chipped in from elsewhere with midfielder and defenders.

"Hopefully will do our jobs, I'm a striker at the end of the day, I'm here to score goals.

Barnett scored his first goal in a Bulls shirt in a 3-1 defeat against Arsenal under-23s calmly chipping the ball past the opposition goalkeeper.

"It's always nice to score a goal, the first game at home,"

"It's good practice as a striker, I'm happy with the performance and we were unlucky not to get something out of it.

"To have so many fans watching (2,456) is a privilege and I enjoyed it."