HEREFORD manager Josh Gowling says that members of last season's squad and targets are both weighing up their options for next season.

The Bulls have offered six players from last season's squad new deals for next season.

They are Ryan Lloyd, Tom Owen-Evans, Luke Haines, Ben Pollock, Miles Storey and Jared Hodgkiss.


"We're in talks and dialogue all the time," said Gowling.

"I've spoken to all of them this week. Hopefully we'll get a few of them done soon.

"I know it didn't end the way we would have liked for various reasons but in general.

"We play good football and if you do that then your players are then attractive to other clubs.

"Lads have got to weigh up their options and decide if they are going to stay.

"They are obviously going to get offers that's the reality of it.

"Most players don't get paid through the summer at this level so they've got a bit of time to wait before they decide where they are going.

"It's not like they're going to sign for a club now and then get paid.

"We want to bring in players that are going to improve us from this year.

"For us next year our goal is to improve on what we have done.

"The players we are targetting are attractive to other clubs as well.

"They are obviously going to weigh up their options and wait a little bit to get the best option possible."

This week the Bulls announced that they had already sold 250 season tickets for next season.

A Squad Builder is also in place to help boost the playing budget for next season.

"That shows that the fans have got trust in us," added Gowling.

"They're willing to do that this early. Also that they're listening to the messages of the football club that we need that support to be sustainable to kick on.

"The Squad Builder was at £12,500 and to raise that much is amazing during this period when people haven't got money.

"We've added a donate button (on the website) so people can donate any money even if it's £1.

"It really does go a long way and helps me build a squad which is more competitive than it was this season."

Gowling added that he wants players at the club who want to play in front of the large home gates at Edgar Street.

He added: "Having an average gate of 1,700-1,800, some clubs are getting 500,

"It's then down to the player to decide does he want that pressure?

"If it's a yes then you know what type of player that you've got.

"Some can't handle that pressure and that's a big thing.

"Through my career I always wanted to be playing in front of big crowds and that's what spurred me on.

"That's the sort of player that we're targetting, those that want to push this club forward and keep progressing."