HEREFORD middleweight Jay Reidy had another knockout night in Walsall.

Only two weeks after he captured his first belt with a one-round win, Reidy raced to another quick victory.

Ja Anderz lasted only 75 seconds.

Reidy has now won all four fights on the unlicensed circuit, three inside the distance.

From the opening bell it was clear Reidy was technically better and he had the bigger punch as well.

Anderz was in agony and took a count after Reidy blasted him to the body and the 24-year-old finished the fight in style.

He backed his opponent to the ropes with left hooks and as Anderz braced himself for another, Reidy launched a looping right that crashed onto his jaw.

Anderz's legs stiffened, then he dropped to one knee and fell onto his back. The referee instantly waved the fight off.

Reidy returns to action in Swindon on Saturday, April 2.