HEREFORD manager Josh Gowling has raised the question whether the National League have a plan if the season is halted or played behind closed doors.

With Covid-19 cases rising across the country there are fears restrictions could be re-enforced around sporting fixtures.

After having their last two seasons curtailed due to the coronavirus the Bulls manager hopes there is a plan if restrictions are imposed.

He said: “What has concerned me is, is there a plan in place?”

“The last two seasons we’ve had this situation, we’ve got to this point of the season and the season has been curtailed and there is no plan in place.

“If we get to a point in two weeks, a month or a couple of months down the line where the season has to stop and there is no plan in place it’s shameful to be honest.

“Clubs nearly went under last time. There was big financial restrictions for everyone including the players who have got families and mortgages to pay

“If there is no plan in place then there is going to have to be an inquiry because it’s shameful. We had a managers meeting in the summer and asked them about the situation.

“I hope they have a plan in place. There has been a lot of changes in the league regarding the board and I hope they have been diligent to put some type of plan in place for all the clubs especially at our level.

“We saw last season the financial packages weren’t right and in January the money wasn’t there so we really struggled.

“Some clubs profited while some clubs like ourselves struggled massively which impacted our budget this season.

“All we can hope is they are doing their proper work and are diligent with it and we get information. One of the big things last year was we weren’t told anything.

“It is a worry and a concern because of the way things have been handled in the past. Hopefully because we are an elite sport we will continue to play.”

With a host of Premier League matches called off this weekend the National League have encouraged players to get the Covid-19 vaccination, says the Bulls boss.

Hereford’s opponents on December 28, Gloucester City have gone into isolation after 10 players have either tested positive for Covid-19 or are required to self-isolate.

“It’s the players choice whether or not they do it but you can still pass it on regardless of if you’ve had the jab or not,” said Gowling.

“I’m finding the whole thing bizarre to be honest.  Gloucester have got 12 days to recover so will have two days training before they play us.

“They’ll have a bit more of a longer rest than us that’s for sure.”