HEREFORD have released second goalkeeper Nykah Liburd-Hines to balance their budget.

The 20-year-old shot stopper has been with Hereford since pre-season but has only made rare cup appearances this season.

“Finances wise we couldn’t have two goalkeepers,” said Gowling.

“At the moment probably not (still with Hereford). We’ll see how that goes, ideally we would have two goalkeepers but it just might give one of the young lads an opportunity from the youth team to step up.

“We’ve had goalkeepers come in from the youth team in training so it gives them an opportunity. We’ve got to balance the books and balance the budget so we’ve had to trim off a little bit.

“That’s what we’ve had to do unfortunately.”


When first team goalkeeper Brandon Hall was injured for a short spell earlier this season the Bulls moved quickly to bring in Jordan Wright on a short-term loan and Gowling is confident the same could happen again.

“We can go to the board if Brandon (Hall) was to get injured and say we would need to bring someone in,” added Gowling.

“They’re not daft and know that if Brandon gets injured and I’m sure they will be happy to let us do that.”

Before today’s game against Curzon Ashton a member of the Hereford under-18 youth team joined the Bulls for their warm-up and Gowling says that only having one goalkeeper could provide an opportunity for the youngsters.

“We’re very much at the football club looking at bringing the next generation through, added Gowling added.

“We’ve had a couple of the boys in during first team games and we want to get him out there to get a feel of what it’s like.

“He warmed up Brandon (Hall) and he finished with a bit of shot stopping against the boys.”